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Activities in Stockholm range from Gamla Stan to the most popular places in the city, from the best restaurants and bars to art galleries and museums. In Stockholm these are some of the most popular places - see Places and the 10 most popular.

A visit to Drottningholm Castle is one of the best cruising activities in Stockholm, Sweden, and is just minutes from the city centre and a short walk from Gamla Stan. With medieval charm, this is certainly the best way to spend your time in and around Stockholm Sweden. It is considered the beating heart of Stockholm and a must see and best during your visit to Stockholm.

From museums, Christmas markets, coffee breaks and Swedish pastries to a boat trip along the picturesque canals, Stockholm offers plenty of activities during the winter season. For even more activities that don't cost you anything, read our review of free activities in Stockholm and you'll find it in our list of the most popular things to do in the city.

If you're coming to Stockholm in December and looking for something different to do, check out our list of the best things to do in Stockholm, Sweden, on a cruise or drop anchor in the city for a day trip. If you are spending 3 days in Sweden, you should read more articles about wanderlust, how to travel to Stockholm in winter. Take some of our top activities in Oslo, Norway and Stockholm Sweden cruises and read on for more travel tips and tips on how to save on your trip to Sweden with our guide to the most popular destinations in Norway. For more information on what to do in and around Stockholm when taking a 3-day Stockholm cruise, see our article on the best hotels, restaurants, museums and other attractions in the city.

We will list some of the most important sights in Stockholm, but at the moment we are looking for the best things to do in and around Stockholm on your next trip. Spend a day in Gamla Stan, also known as Old Town, a preserved medieval town centre in the heart of Stockholm.

The most famous sights in this part of Stockholm include the Vasa Museum, the Royal Palace and the Stockholm Art Museum, as well as a number of other museums and galleries in Gamla Stan. The Vasa Museum is a must - in Stockholm you will find all of them on this list, and it is the largest museum in the world with more than 1.5 million exhibits and collections.

The Vasa is a cherished part of Swedish culture, and no visit to Stockholm is complete without seeing it as a stopover. The Vase Museum is one of the most popular museums in Stockholm and therefore a must-visit. Visit Stockholm's website and browse through all of Stockholm's attractions with plenty of inspiring information.

Here are some of the best things to do and see in Stockholm on a long day from June to September. Read on to see what you can do good in Stockholm, Sweden, and take a look at our list of the best restaurants, bars, hotels, museums and more.

We hope our Stockholm foodie guide will give you a list of things to do and eat in Stockholm, where to stay and especially delicious food. In this Stockholm travel guide you will find a long list of things you can do, sights and delicious food you can eat when visiting Stockholm Sweden.

After this part of our 3-day Stockholm trip, enjoy the great culture of Stockholm with a visit to Sodermalm and Soden. Our three days in Stockholm conclude with a visit to the city's most famous tourist attractions, such as Gamla Stan, the Royal Palace and the historic city centre, as well as the Old Town and the historic Sodebruk district, located south of Gam La Stan.

Stockholm is a relaxing and refreshing city, winding its way through the narrow streets of Gamla Stan and eating a classic Swedish meatball. Norrmalm is one of the city's most popular tourist attractions and a great place for a day trip. Stockholm has been designed to be amazing and offers countless fascinating things to do in this city, and is my favorite city in Scandinavia.

Canal tours are one of the best options in Stockholm, and the city must be seen from the water.

If you stay in Stockholm for only one day, there are plenty of outdoor tours and activities you can participate in and around Stockholm, but each comes with its own, expensive admission fee. If you're planning on visiting a ton of museums, the Stockholm Pass is worth it if you have to. At least if you have to decide, it seems to be, because regardless of whether you have a Stockholm passport or not, some of Stockholm's best museums are free. Sweden is the city's most popular tourist attraction, with more than 1,500 museums and galleries.

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