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Shelli Stein is a health and fitness entrepreneur who travels the world in search of culture, food and fun. Hilton Stockholm Slussen Hotel is the perfect place to stay in Stockholm to honour the frequent reward programs you have played. Located in the heart of Stockholm, just a short walk from the city centre, this hotel is an ideal location for both leisure and business travellers. The hotel is right next to Stockholm's main tourist attractions, including the Royal Palace, Djurgarden and Stockholm Opera, as well as a number of restaurants and bars.

If the reception sees people checking in with too much luggage, they know they are receiving a complaint. As someone who has lived on this property before, I am sure others have told me that, and so for someone like me, when you see them making a lot of noise and cranes, it is not a good place to stay.

One thing I liked about the Hilton Slussen Stockholm Sweden Hotel is that there are US sockets in every room, no adapter is required. I probably fell in the middle and never found the service at the hotel poor, but it was good service.

The bathrooms had recessed lights and the cupboards were well lit, but there was only one light in the bathroom and one in each of the other rooms. I had a closet that could be made brighter by turning on one of these lights and keeping the better light darker, and there were only two lights in my room, one on the wall and another on a shelf.

Both the suite and the De Luxe rooms were decorated in a style that I personally found very attractive, although GM Peter Eriksoon told me that this was not to every guest's taste. The Deluxe room was reflected on the walls, which increased the feeling of space.

As I mentioned, the hotel has been renovated, although some of the technical facilities feel old and outdated. If you wish to visit the Executive Lounge on the 4th floor, you must enter the lobby at 05: 00 and then take a separate lift. When I entered, I realized that I had overlooked the bridge construction, so I had to behave before I went into my room.

It has a great view of Gamla Stan and the river so you will be able to watch the lights of the sunset above it. Stockholm is a busy city and as it is such a compact city, you can plan a short stay and see most of the highlights.

The staff is excellent, some of the best I have ever met, and the breakfast in the Executive Lounge and evening menu are great. As mentioned, Hilton Stockholm Slussen's Executive Lounge is a newly renovated and spacious executive lounge with great views over the city. Enjoy free drinks and snacks throughout the day, relax on the comfortable sofas and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Old Town and the Town Hall. Suites and executive rooms offer a variety of amenities, including a private dining room, a fully equipped bar and a lounge, to name a few. The Executive Lounges have a large open-air area with comfortable seating and comfortable chairs, and the possibility to enjoy a fantastic view of the Old Town and the Town Hall from your bed.

The strange thing is that the room I had on the 5th floor is in a wing of the hotel which is separate from the rest of the hotel. There is a counter area that is used as a snack bar, a corner table with a ledge for a television that can be used for the area, and a large outdoor area.

Don't forget to visit one of the many fantastic bakeries that you will find within a short walk of the hotel. Hilton Stockholm Slussen is a live cooking station run by an interactive chef who prepares a variety of dishes from which guests can choose according to their preferences in ingredients and toppings. Omelette stations have a large selection of ingredients to choose from, with each guest having their own choice.

The hotel also prides itself on being one of the first hotels in Sweden to offer a full service breakfast buffet, known as the breakfast buffet. A la carte restaurants offer a wide range of dishes made from high quality raw materials. The hotel is also known for its excellent food and drinks and houses some of Sweden's most popular restaurants, such as the Michelin-starred restaurant, the beer garden and a number of restaurants in the area.

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