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This is a list of things Sweden is famous for, compiled with the help of IKEA, which is included but not really "Swedish." Swedish fashion, the designs have been thoroughly disseminated around the world by one of the country's best-known companies, Ikea, and their designs are thoroughly propagated.

Perhaps Sweden's most famous export is ABBA, the Stockholm pop group that dominated the world in the 1970s. Honestly, if you love ABba, think of the best things to do in Stockholm at the weekend and during the week or even longer. Swedish summer so you can enjoy it, hide from the cold when it goes down, and enjoy learning all about the unique Nordics.

Take the Culture Vulture quiz about Sweden and see how much you have learned about the country, people and culture.

The Swedish government is conducting an ethno-graphic study because there are a large number of immigrants in the country, most of them from Africa, Asia and Latin America. A person with a Swedish passport who is fluent in Swedish and the daughter of two Swedish citizens is classified as an immigrant if she appears to be of African or Asian descent.

No trip to Sweden would be complete without visiting the thousands of islands that surround the country along its coast. It is worth travelling to Vaxholm and getting a feel for the Swedish islands where you live. Stockholm is one of the most popular destinations for expats who have more time to explore. Most expats settle in Stockholm to experience the excitement of life in a modern city and still have the wilderness on their doorstep.

Stockholm's policy is to maintain an informal twinning with the world's capital, with a focus on northern Europe. Stockholm's largest city has been responsible for the development of many of Sweden's most important infrastructure projects. This is where most government agencies, including the Foreign Office, Foreign Office and Swedish Embassy in London, are located.

Even non-Stockholm Swedes can call the city a place where people are less friendly than in the rest of the country. Sweden is traditionally divided into three regions: the south, the north, and the east and west. The climate in Sweden varies depending on the location, but in the south it is predominantly temperate. While this is true for the northern parts of Sweden, winters are much milder in Lund, where Lund is located.

Sweden represents a generally open culture, but there are some issues that are best avoided, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Photographs by Getty Images do not assume that Swedes, because they are a neutral entity, are not informed about the political complexities that are going on in other countries. However, a Swede can still be very traditional and be very proud of the customs and culture that have been handed down to him. They are very proud of their society and it is wise not to criticise other cultures, such as those of the United States, Germany, France or even other parts of Europe.

I only had the opportunity to visit Stockholm during my visit to Sweden, so I wanted to show you some of the best things you can do in Stockholm on your trip to Sweden. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to find souvenirs in the souvenir shops in the heart of this city, but for expats who don't yet speak Swedish, navigating the system can take a bit of patience. I am very proud to have created a good "souvenir list" here, so if you find it anywhere in Sweden outside Stockholm, you can check out this list of the best Stockholm souvenirs.

If you want to get under the surface of Nordic history, the Nordic Museum is an ideal stopover on your tour of Stockholm. This is easily considered the beating heart of the city and a must-see - and best to do during your visit to Stockholm. The airport is the predominant airport with a cultural self-confidence that has its roots in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

While the Americans tend to put the lyrics first, followed by production, the Swedes put the melody above everything else. The first answer might be IKEA, but even H.M. "s Swedish design has become a global phenomenon in the last century. They stay up to date and speak English very, very well, and although visitors can easily adapt to their new surroundings, the predominance of English is appreciated by international visitors and Swedes alike, as they get the chance to practice their language skills.

Building a social network in Stockholm is a great way to make friends and better understand local culture. Since Sweden is a child-centred country, we recommend that you take along children who might be part of the family you visit. Swedes are known for being very passionate about their national ice hockey team, whether they watch a game in Sweden or not. It's a fun way for them to connect and build relationships with people from all over the world through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

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